Indigenous Professionals Building Leadership Capacity for Tomorrow Today.


By actively promoting good governance by identifying needed training and by providing unique educational and capacity building opportunities, we prepare Indigenous people for the challenges of the 21st century.

Who Are We?

The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. is a non-profit organization established to build leadership capacity in Indigenous people. We are run by Indigenous people and directed by a volunteer board reflecting the diversity of the Indigenous community. This board identifies specific training required to produce able and accomplished Indigenous leaders.

What Do We Do?

While some people may be born to leadership, most of us only acquire over time the experience, education, skills, and qualities characteristic of strong community leaders. The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. helps develop these leadership attributes.

Through research, we determine the state of Indigenous communities-what is working and what is not. Research results are shared and can be used by leaders when advocating issues. The results also help us determine the areas where capacity building is most needed.

By actively promoting good governance…by identifying needed training…and by providing unique educational and skill-building opportunities…we help prepare Indigenous people for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

How Do We Work?

The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc works closely with educational institutes, governments and the private sector. Through partnerships and cooperative alliances, we provide rich and varied educational opportunities for our clients. For example, we may engage a university to provide courses in self-governance…a private consultant to provide training on effective negotiation skills…or a senior civil servant to speak on legislative protocol. Through our Customized Training communities will become stronger and govern more effectively, in topics such as:

  • Government-to-government relations
  • Financial management and accountability
  • Nation building
  • Media training
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution

Our training is cutting edge and provided by institutions in Canada and the United States with reputations for delivering world-renowned governance programs. Our commitment is to leaders – typically band chiefs, band councilors, elected Metis leaders, senior management, executives, leaders of Indigenous an non-Indigenous organizations, administrators, youth, women and elders who have identified specific training requirements.

Whenever possible, courses are fully or partially sponsored by public or private partners; courses are offered at very reasonable rates to our annually registered participants.